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Trust issue


15 hb hari tu result provisional dah keluar. Result yang tunjuk lulus / lulus* / gagal je tu.

Jadi hari ni aku tanya dekat F

“dah check result provi?”

“strength pass?”

Aku cuma risau kalau strength dia jadi macam mechanic hari tu.

Biasanya dia okey je untuk share everything. Tapi tiba-tiba dia cuma reply “Hahahahhaha”

I don’t understand.

So I asked, “why?”

He did not reply the text.

I am quite upset, I don’t know why. But rasa sakit hati because I thought I am his best friend and he would like to share everything to me but I was wrong.

Maybe after this I won’t ask anything.

Maybe after this I will stop to care. (stop menyibuk)

Mungkin I don’t realized that aku dah jadi terlalu macam mak2 yang risau pasal dia dan dia tak suka.


But then, I saw on your twitter, so did tweet something yg semua lulus bla bla bla

Boleh je tweet but never share with me?

Okay fine

I don’t get it.