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Assalamualaikum & hello everyone. I'm Nabila. This is a piece of my life story. Do leave your footprints & do visit again. Love you guys!

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junior life be like........
How's life in university? <--- so this is the famous question recently. hahahaha

Being junior be like what to me?

1. I feel so small because everyone looked so matured and well-confidence. Haha

2. Seniors are cool. Most of them looked like have a bright future. (i admired them!)

3. I started to meet seniors to ask anything But I failed to remember their names!! Bhahahaha ;D

4. I kind of force/push myself to be active. As active as I can!!

5. So far, I involve in Palapes Air-force (still in selection)

6. Trying to get close to surau activities, although Im not that "good"

7. Well, this might be weird But...I still cannot remember where is Bank Islam, Post Office, Library, Staff Cafeteria and so on. I always go anywhere following my instinct.

8. Awal-awal ni masih cuba nak sesuaikan diri dengan kaedah pembelajaran.

9. But honestly, to me USM is so cool. At the first sight tho. Im glad to be here, Alhamdulillah

10. I still hope I'm able to score well eventhough lots of seniors said Engineering is tough. But Allah know why am I here and I always hope Allah will always help and be with me.

11. Now I realized that Im not actually writing something related to ''being juniors be like......''

12. Haha, This is me, I always went out of topic everytime I write. (Maybe that's the reason my muet I only managed to get band 3)

13. Lastly, being junior make me feel so awkward yet try to face it slowly.

Now its raining on this malam jumaat. Such a bless. But I dunnow why, whenever its raining, there's always the feeling of worried in my heart.

I miss my family a lot! Especially little cutie niece.

The first syawal and she was confused, ...why my mum dressed me very pretty but we're not going anywhere? then she cried.... Hahaha

very hard to take her photo nicely. keeps moving around -..-" haihh dayang dayang ~~~

My family. The two sisters had got married accept me and my eldest brother(baju hitam) but he is taken! Lulz~ In sha Allah, doakan agar tahun depan bertambah lagi anak buah aku. Ngeeeee :3 #clingy