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She doesn't Know.

When she likes him...

She doesn't know why he is so special,
She doesn't know why his smile tastes very sweet.
She never stop thinking of him.
She always want him to be with her.

When she likes him...

She doesn't know why his eyes the brightest.
She never know how these eyes could melts her.
She doesn't know when this love would be a reality.
But still, she could never forget him.
She never ever give up on hoping him.

When she likes him, 

this world became very fantastic.
She doesn't know he will betray her.
She doesn't know he is not serious.
All she knows is she wants him to be with her forever.

Talking to him will makes her crazy.
How can a simple conversation became an unforgettable memories for her?
We don't get it.
Because only she knows how it felt.

Because she likes him. And love blinded an open eyes.

But my dear muslimah fellows.
We should not live in such fantacy.
Whenever you feel like in love with someone more than you love Allah.
You should say "Ma fi Qolbi Ghairullah"
Means "No one in my heart except Allah".

This is a simple advice.
And this is also for me.

Let's be a better person!