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Being immatured doesnt make you look cute.

 People have different opinion on different situation 

And today-post is kinda my self-opinion on immatured people. Do you think you act matured enough? Or you are in the group of immatured people? Which one is you, only you know. Kalau rasa tak tahu kau tergolong kat yg mana satu, pergi ambil cermin! ==

Immatured people ni behave and playing so like budak kecil at the playground. Having a cute face, talking not-so-serious for almost all the time. Lari2 like budak kecil, so comel kononnya. =.=

Im having a short conversation with my friend, Akmal in Chemistry class today. As she mentioned about this, I feel sooooo like What??? To be honest, I think, acting-like-budak2 people are just annoying NO CUTE NO FUNNY, seriously. *And rarely me and Akmal got the same thought on 'things'. So this strengthen my feeling that they are REALLY annoying. 

The reason ; You cant be serious when you asked to be serious. Let imagine bila situasi sangat memerlukan kau mendapatkan jawapan yang betul2 dan org yang bercakap dgn kau tu boleh pulak main-main. Tak rasa macam nak bagi pelempang ke? K kalau aku lah, sumpah menyampah.

And then, aku paling tak boleh terima kenyataan bila ada manusia yg act like immatured ni cakap "I do agree immatured people sooo cute" . Like seriously dude? <--- Akmal says. Haha. Perasan betul. So I mean, this so seriously not naturally happen at all ! Diorang rasa being immature comel so they act like that. Bangga ke bila terkinja-kinja then orang cakap comel? *mata ke atas, tangan kat dada* Tak cool langsung okay.

 Be You but Be Suitable depends on situation.

Can't deny, untuk dilahirkan bersifat kebudak-budakan dan berfikiran kurang matang is special. But it turns sebaliknya if the person start to berlakon to get people attention. As for me, I do have my 3-years-old character in myself. But its not to be shown to everyone. I think Akmal knows, And so do Munira and other close friends. This is what I mean, let the sifat we have in ourselves be precious and bukan to be judged(get pujian). Like you acting so sweet to have people eyes catch on you. WTF. What do you get from it? -,-" Huuu#

Tell you, Akmal is acting so like budak2. But when I asked or we discussing something, she'll turn into such a non-stop-talking-of-facts politicians. Seriously NO LIE, #SorryMamal# ♥ 

Same goes to Munira, she looks like Madhuri (in novel The Curse) but the real her ; everybody know she is Azreen (in novel The Curse jugak) Haha, *KindaNotRelated*

Okay, I got to go. Its Thursday , must recite Yassin after maghrib prayer. Dad already call out my name, grr. Assalamualaikum and Thanks for spending your time reading my bad handwriting :D

Will be going to UTHM
for lawatan sambil 
belajar tomorrow. 
Pray me safe journey.