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Assalamualaikum & hello everyone. I'm Nabila. This is a piece of my life story. Do leave your footprints & do visit again. Love you guys!

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A week to go , girl . -,-

Today ; woke up from bed . . .

Blink, blink O_O'' . 27 Dic ? 4 days to go for new new year? *frightening* 
OH NOOOOOOO ! Why is it too fast? I want to sleep more! I want to onlining more! but yet I realize, the time had to went by and pass through. #errhentamhentambrokenenglish(!)

Nahhh. New year, new chapter, new books of life. Buka buku baru. Azam baru. Err itu perlu ke? Im not the kind of person whom will exactly remember my resolution. I always ended up my days in every year with left-behind resolution. Such a waste. haha xD

2011 was not actually a good year for me. Being form 4 student is sucks. Been terperangkap in a class and forced to study pure science's subjects. I cant get it, seriously. The only one I remember about this year is..... emmm what ahh....Ohh I remember, Add Math susah. =='' Itu aje saya ingat, awak . Haha Bagus kan saya ini?

Hewhew -,-' I dont want. Pleaseeee Im begging you, I dont want SPM!!!!!!!! 
This is what my heart screaming. Sigh.

For this new year...

Kasut baru? - No
Spectacles baru? - haha ofcoz No
Beg baru? - No
Pencil case baru? - No
Baju baru? - Yess ofc. The old one got sangat buruk leyhh
Tudung? - Yes

Itu ajelahh yang baru. This bukan mak yang tak bagi beli. But myself doesnt prefer it. Pheww. Im not in my mood. Haha

Kbyeeeeeee !

So, See you next year. Im going to finish my HOMEWORK !!

Yucks >________<