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Assalamualaikum & hello everyone. I'm Nabila. This is a piece of my life story. Do leave your footprints & do visit again. Love you guys!

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Future, why must I think of you ?
Paa, why You suddenly ask me such tah questions? what I'm going to be, can I be this, or that? What I loved most, my ambition..? ohh NO, please stop it ayah. I'm just have no idea about my FUTURE LIFE yet, you put pressure on me lahh. ==''
But he asked me what I'm going to be if I given a choice to choose, I was simply answer ;
" I don't want to be a Doctor like what I've said before,....not a doctor, I can't. Haha. :D :D "

you must be think that I'm not answering the question , right?
yeahh, I'm not == Instead of being serious, I'm joking~~~ Ayah seems dissappointed, and a humming sound blows from his mouth. So , only then I started to be a little bit strict. and try to give my best answer :) #verykindofmeright?iknowww :P

Dont ask me what I said after that! I'm not going to tell youu, maluuu laa.

Then I ask my dad back, " what do you think? Can I ?? "
he said, " If you consistent like this, I think you can, BUT you must always consistent like what you are now lahh."
WOWW. I never thought he will answer like that!! *terharu + tergamam sekejap*
only one word for reply , " InsyaAllah...."

Then i pass him and sitting in front of this laptop again, HARRRHHHHH.
I feel like ~~~
Why were my father suddenly change? Made me scared lah. O.o

Ohh , then I made a conclusion... to started to think of my future.. *actually I ever think of it before, just not as serious as now.
Whwn I think twice, my father was right. Sampai bila I wanna sit at home and acting like budak kecik and pergi sekolah and balik sekolah macam tu je. I already 16 years old. Andd 4 months to go , then I will be 17teen. Oh Allah! Why is it so fast? #rase macam baru semalam main masak-2

Next year, SPM. on my WISH LIST written 9A+ SPM . Not sure I can achieve it or not :/   *sad

hurhh, hoping for the best. May Allah gave me a strenght to go through all of His tests, Aminn.

Location : Batu Layar.  Family leisure time outing. #ayahakuboncetkan? :))
:: thanks 'coz sudi baca ni, even I'm just ridicolousy, haha. Do leave a comment :)) Kalau tak nak pun takpe lahh :D :D :D