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Assalamualaikum & hello everyone. I'm Nabila. This is a piece of my life story. Do leave your footprints & do visit again. Love you guys!

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Things that I love most about you are ;;
1. Your stupid jokes
It never fails to make me smile.
2. Your concern .
It touches my heart and always make me feel appreciated.
3. Your body language .
It hards for me to understand but still, you never stop doing it.
4. Your warm arms .
It make me feel cool although in hard situation.
5. Your smile .
It make me feel released and put away the worries.
6. Your value of a friend .
It tought me to be a better and better person days and nights.

I am the luckiest person to have you in my life.
You are my best among the best person ever.
You are the best thing that ever been mine :)
Only 1 thing 2 say 3 words 4 you ; I LOVE YOU.

Dear friend, thanks to be a part of my story of life, 
thanks for painting my life with such a beautiful rainbow colours,
I miss you damnly those who have been apart from me for a years...

  1. Mohamad Syafiq. My good listener. Like brother :)
  2. Syazrina Akmal. My boyfriend and always by my side.
  3. Ungku Nur Munira. Jirann :)
  4. Jamaliah Jamian. Friend since toddler.
  5. Nur Sabrina. My angel with soft spoken and sweet words.
  6. Nur Hannani. APD moments with her ;(
  7. Nur Lukluah. Same as Nani.
  8. Amira Azura. The first I met in SMKM.
  9. Siti Nur Shaline. Azmirul's cousin , haha :D
  10. Afiq Ammar. My Doraemon. I miss the chubby cute face. But my doraemon no more here anymore.
There's a lot of them. My classmates, especially. 
I MISS SMK MERU. Wish that I could move back to that school .
My destiny makes me here.
Learnt about many things.
Try to receieves all the tests from Allah.
No regretful, although i've being apart from the person I loved most.
Love makes me leave him .
But Your love teaches me to be a stronger person.
He smile, I smile.
Never upset to see him with his love because that is what I want most .
I have felt the feeling of suffer to waited the person I love but he never came, I just don't want him to feel it too. Am I doing the right thing? I think yes. Hope so.

NOTE : To those person whom read this, thanks spending your time with my mumbling :)