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Assalamualaikum & hello everyone. I'm Nabila. This is a piece of my life story. Do leave your footprints & do visit again. Love you guys!

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Unhappy last day of school.

Text books were submitted and some of Form 5 books given in return. Holiday doesn't seem so good as our BM teacher told that she'll be given a homework through Facebook. There's a shit sound broking the wall of the class. because most of my friends seem unsatisfied. Haha. Holiday should be holidayyyy. But gahhh teacher will never left us with hand-with-nothing

So next year SPM right? that's why. We realize but we trying so hard to not to admit that we are 2012 SPM candidates. Nobody were happy with that. 

Study and tests such a great punishment for me.

Books , pens, and papers just like a scary demons. It always drive me to distance myself from books.

Examination result is seemed to be the sharpen knife which could break one heart into pieces.

Nothing seems to be okay for me. Friend isn't like a friend. Happiest moment killing me and make me die slowly as I thought of it. 

Trying to do the best , but still the worst happen. Trying to smile, but tears covered the layer of the eyes. Seen her from the back and always hope we never meet. Because Im not a good friend, instead .

Heart was hurts. Feel like to flying off this feeling. Getting rid of past memories.

Sometimes I recall the quote ;
" You shouldn't forget the past, just let it be. "

makes me made a self-agreement to myownself. First ; Muhasabah diri. Second ; change bad to good. Third ; Not to be too kind towards someone as it will hurts me damnly much as the person started to go left. Fourth ; Do listen to others and be more careful : I once doesn't believe what others say about her , now I damnly regret - not regret of the friendship, but regret of not fixed with the supposed-to-be situation.

The only one I could say ; If you read this ; You know I mean ya ;

Going to Kuala Lumpur .
Sister wed  .