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Assalamualaikum & hello everyone. I'm Nabila. This is a piece of my life story. Do leave your footprints & do visit again. Love you guys!

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What does this feeling means?
So today is the first time I uploaded our picture together in instagram

And the responds are . . . . . . . . I donnow how to explain =='

Like seriously? We are just friends.

And I posted the picture because I want to show my pipi tembam, bukannya to show them some sort of sweet, couple posts >.<


ok lupakan pasal semua tu. sekarang ni study week dah nak habis tapi aku banyak tak study lagi weyyy. macam biasa laaaa. awal sem duk buat azam baru tapi last2 study last minute jugak

Hmm pray for me guys :')