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Assalamualaikum & hello everyone. I'm Nabila. This is a piece of my life story. Do leave your footprints & do visit again. Love you guys!

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My Eid Story
Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. First, I wanna wish SELAMAT HARI RAYA to all muslimin and muslimat out there. Eid Mubarak! 

After one month fasting, it worth to celebrate eid with all kaum kerabat(or we call it as big family) and sahabat-sahabat. And Im sure, everybody must have their own hari raya story. So do I! 

(I guess you guessed it, hehhe) Surely, I wanna share my hari raya story with all of you! *wink* So, I begin my celebration by having iftar on last ramadhan with all of my family members at my uncle house. There, I can eat a lot (I mean berry berry a lot!) of food ! And a delicious one. So, pulun habis semua makanan , lupakan pasal diet. Hihi

^ above ; photo of me with my niece, Dayang Nur Kaisah. First eid with my cute baby :)

And then, on First Eid, 1 Syawal ; After perform subuh prayer, we prepare to BALIK KAMPUNG ho ho ho balik kampung ! K thats too excited XD 

Heading to my dad kampung first at Segamat, and there my nanny served lots of food, jugak! Haha. And my fav dish was also there! Guess what? Ayam Masak Merah!!! So yummy. *Onomonomnom*

Alamak, ada gambar ni je as a prove. The other pix were in my sis phone. will add it later, insyaallah!

After zohor, we visited our late grandpa grave and then go straight away to Tangkak, Muar. My mom kampung. We visited our nanny grave first. This nanny (my mom's mom) , I never met. She died on the same year I was born. Quite sad. Because according to my sis, she is very kind and loving. But what can we do, Allah loves her more. I can only pray the best for her, hoping she will rest in peace there.

After reaching my Mak Ngah house, we found sooooooo many of penghuni there! *take a deep breath* Unfortunately, we came on the incorrect time, haha. Everybody was preparing to go beraya. We decided not to go together because my dad wanna go back on the same day. *So penat*

Polka dot kurung ♥ 

On the way back to J. Bahru, we took jalan dalam instead of highway. Unexpectedly, lots of accident there. Ambulans cross very fast like lightning. Fuhh. Luckily, we reached home safely. Alhamdulillah :)

Eventhough it's not a very meriah hari raya I ever felt, I thank Allah for giving me a chance to celebrate it. It's Very Precious. Best Moment in My Life :) ♥