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Assalamualaikum & hello everyone. I'm Nabila. This is a piece of my life story. Do leave your footprints & do visit again. Love you guys!

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You know what Im thinking right now? Urghhh my head was messy with many things ; first of all of course Homeworkssss, and then School activities (cocuriculum, latihan rumah sukan). 

I've been rarely online lately and stop posting for quite some times because of all of these reasons. Homework is one thing, school activity was another ! Haiiileeeeeeyyy so tired. Now ni Im suppose to complete my english essay about Nicol Ann David, but Im stucked here. Haha I got missed this blog damnly much, you know. Everyday I pass behind the laptop I can only blink blink and imagine if I could have enough time to online. But damn, the homework and tuition doesnt allow me to do so.

But ahh, Now I got curi curi time already xD My mom doesnt know, shhhh TEEHEE.

Talking about homework, I never feel so sucks to have a lot of homework before. But this times, seriously, If I could send a resign letter from being a homework complete-r, or resign from being a student, I WOULD DO THAT. But I realized, I had to sacrifice a little for my ownself, at least.

Actually some time, homework is Okay. Now ni Im seriously annoyed with the school activities. Know why? It doesnt seemeed to be so important or helpful but it is A MUST . I will always thinking WHYYY , why I should go for latihan rumah sukan? why i must kawad? Im busy enough , just LEAVE ME ALONE.

Sigh, but the fact is This year Im playing an important role for KRS. I have no idea how they had raised their hands and put me in hell by choosing me to be the Pengerusi of KRS. You know what does it related to? Pengerusi means to be a commandant. *doesnt it's heard weird? -,-
Yelling in front, lead the students????? 
HARHARHARR that was shoo Funnyy ://

Im a bit nervous whenever I think about this. Ahh TENSION =.= *dyingsick

However, what ever happen, I'll try to smile. Smile can kills cancer growth, (err not actually sure) .

introducing : Fatin Nabila ! -,-''

Goodbyee peeps. I hope to post more after this, but cant promise. Pray the best for me, Thank you !
Love you guys very muchh :D

Assalamualaikum ^_^