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After a long time !
Weeks of school were a bit tiring , as I spent most precious evening time to sleep. It's automatically happen. hee. As I reached home, after perform zuhur, and after eat, my eyes will feel sleepy until I can only see my pillow. xD

And because of that too, It has been such a long time I never meet the cute boy of my neighbor, Amar Aqil. PPPFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Finally, this evening! gahh,  im not sleeping AND HE CAME !

" assalamualaikum, pah!!! "
(what a rude boy, he only call my mom as Pah. No mak cik. but it's okay, Assalamualaikum had shown a good started of a child. credit to her mom lah ;D )
Guess what? He's already in front of the door (in my house, means, second door) so I can see him crystal clear. Because of extremely excited, I shout a bit loud. "AAAAAAAAAHH !!!!!! " Like that lhaa, perhaps. Haha. Cik Ika(her mom) already laugh outside. 

After that, I took some photoshot on him. Tengok yeahh ;)

First shot. He smiling well. And after he got my phone, turned to be a monstaa. =______=''

and, yaaaaaaa. I called him many times, but see! He ignored me. Happy sangat dapat phone. tekan-2 apee ntah .

 yeahh. me taught to do that ! (pix below)


Guess what I did? HAHA. I grab my phone from amar, and he is .......

CRYING !! muahaha. but before that , he kicked me , haha. boleh tahan sakit jugak. ><

muncunggggggg , boleh gantung hanger :3

Nakkkkk. (He was begging me) :D

So kind of me, bllueekk, then I give my phone ^_^
and he smiled.
*mengada-ngada right? xPP*

He was standing away from me. He smile satistied. -___-"

However , the happiness was not last longer as he suddenly fall down to the ground. And it's terrible because I laugh and said " padan muka " again and again. HA HA HA ;DD
Amar was quite angry, so he crying badly !

Tengokk, bo*to* kotor. haha. padan muke, xDD

Then, mummy was persuading. (pujuk)
But it's not easy to make child stop crying. haha.

Whwn mood was spoiled, Mummy , lets go home !